When life gives you Apples, make Cider.

1061 by ATLANTA

“It all started on a winery tour with my friends, we were standing in a winery in the Yarra Valley when I looked around and thought ‘we could do something like this’ imagine that how much fun would it be?”
— Bianca Paganoni
Ten Sixty One -  October 10, 2017 - 171.jpg

I am the 4th generation on our apple orchardn& I have unfortunately seen first hand the devastation that can be caused as an orchardist. Our crop is a living organism, therefore it needs

to be looked after and looked after well. It also relies heavily on the weather and as we all know

that can be very trying. Small things that most people don’t consider to be anything other than a bad hail storm, a windy day, 4 days of 40+ weather or a drought, can wreak havoc on an orchard.

Being a slave to the weather was the deciding point for going ahead with Ten Sixty One, not only does it value add to our orchard it also makes sleeping at night in a hail storm a bit easier on the heart! We now can be at least a little re-assured that we have an outlet - our own outlet for using up the fruit that is deemed imperfect.

People mean well, but we’re pre-programmed to always strive for and want the best. Your always going to grab that perfect apple as opposed to the ugly looking one beside it. The big supermarket chains have made it almost impossible for farmers to make any money; they have the monopoly and they have the power to pay what they want.


Ten Sixty One represents a shift in society, as more and more, people want to know where their fruit comes from and it’s so important that we continue to support local farmers so that they can make ends meet and continue to provide world class fruit in a country that we are so lucky to live in. A country that has little pollution fair working conditions and clean water.

What makes a craft cider an art?

Many of the well known cider brands use a concentrate as opposed to real fruit. This makes it easy to control the flavour & to mass create the exact same flavour every time. I suppose that is what makes craft cider so interesting the flavour will vary slightly with the season!

With our craft cider we use real whole fruit straight off the farm, in our small batches we can control our apple varieties, we can adjust as we see necessary & we can experiment. Which is exactly how we arrived at our signature flavour. We wanted something to fall between the classic ‘sweet’ and ‘dry’ something that would appeal to both sides. Easy to drink but not too sweet that you can only have a couple! It wasn’t easy it was a couple of years of late nights many mistakes and a whole bunch of learning!

It clicked immediately for all the reasons stated above! It just made sense & that is where our no waste initiative was born. It was a chance to wipe out waste even if it was only in our own back yard. All of which brings me to our response to the whole food dilemma & the carbon foot print we leave on this earth.

With over 8 billion dollars in food going to waste each year in Australia alone it was so important for us to at the very minimum find a way to make our orchard fight the war on waste, with the hopes on informing people of all the reasons why we should be supporting local and to be conscious of our carbon foot print. Our apples come straight off the farm to our cidery without the need for burning fuel for transportation. All of our equipment used air compression or electricity with our pack house driven by full solar energy. All of our packaging is recyclable and sourced locally. It’s value adding like this that helps keep Aussie farms in business & provides local jobs.

So with that TSO is not just another cider, its the product of a hard working orchardist -Mark Paganoni, his father before him & his grandpa who first got it started. These resilient men have made it possible for me - Bianca the 4th generation, the next generation of Atlanta Orchards to fulfilll her dream to make her community a better place.

What I would say to anyone that will listen? Support local wherever possible, go past your local farm and pick up a bag of ‘seconds’. I can promisee you they all taste the same, some are just prettier than others. It’s so important to keep our farms in the hands of Australians for the generations to come!

Established in 1961, Atlanta Orchards have been growing quality apples for over 50 years, our first batch of cider was crafted in 2016 in an old shed amongst the trees.