Unwrapped The Store


Unwrap the waste from your life and make sustainable the new convenient.


Here at unwrapped we are passionate about sustainable living and a waste free tomorrow. Our mission is to stock homes, abodes, man caves, sheds, tree houses, beach houses, tiny houses, castles, house boats and campers with ecofriendly, toxin-free, simple and affordable everyday healthy living products that will make people and Mother Nature smile. We carefully select products with packaging that can be ReLoved and is biodegradable or easily recycled


How does a lady go from being a librarian to creating an online eco-store? The idea for my little store was created while on maternity leave with my second bundle of joy. It all came about after I began my own journey of finding sustainable alternatives to everyday products for my family.  I started to evaluate my family’s lifestyle and the amount of household waste we were producing. Everywhere I turned I was faced with waste. I decided to not let the big problem of waste overwhelm me. Instead I introduced one change at a time, so that little by little over time we were leading into a more waste conscious lifestyle, we still have a long way to go, but I’m constantly learning from inspiring people that I have connected with and because of that I am treading a little lighter on this beautiful planet. People shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the waste free movement that can seem unobtainable. Instead people should look at being a low impact human and start making small changes that are sustainable for them.

I take a great amount of pride in knowing that through watching the development of the store, my kids will be educated on the importance of sustainable, waste conscious living. Problems can seem too big for kids and it’s important to empower them and show them that a single person can be a positive change in the world.

Our products have been carefully selected from businesses that embody the same focus to sustainable living as us. We searched far and wide to deliver natural and organic products with the eco-friendliest packaging as possible to create the least amount of waste as possible.

What draws us to a product is the story behind it, how it was created, I guess this is the librarian in me! The story is the most important aspect, for us it is the heart and soul of a business and we showcase a brand every month on our website to share their story.


Unwrapped is delighted to support both local small batch businesses and our New Zealand friends as well as big known and loved companies. We are also proud to support women in business who are creating brilliant things and kicking butt in the business world.

You can rest assured that we deliver our products in an eco-friendly manner. We take steps to ensure we reduce our impact on the environment when sending out parcel and encourage our customers to reuse + relove their packaging 

"a box or paper and a piece of string – I promise I'm a useful thing"

Here’s a little about the steps we take...

·      Whenever we can we recycle the boxes that we receive from distributors and reuse them for our customers shipments. We don’t always have the right fitting box, so we also have cardboard boxes made from recycled materials on hand or we use simple brown paper.

·      We use the biodegradable natural fibres of hemp cord or jute to tie these parcels together.

·      Most sticky tape ends up in the bin and then sits in landfill for decades. At unwrapped we use an environmentally friendly tape that is biodegradable and this makes us very happy!

·      We use recycled newspapers to pack our boxes and collect them from our local library every week.

·      Even our thank you notes are waste free! We include our little gratitude notes on the packaging itself - it will be hidden somewhere on the box or paper. We believe that gratitude is an important practice and think our customers deserve a little thank you.

·      Then we say farewell and send our package off with Sendle -our carbon neutral delivery service