The Wonder of Love


You know that feeling when love hits you; that warm inner glow, the fluttering in the tummy, the utter joy of being in the presence of the object of your desire. There’s no other feeling like it. We love to connect with others especially when they just ‘get us’ and we want to spend as much time as we can with them. It’s not just a loving romance, it can also be someone who we like hanging out with, our family or even a pet. Love is love and that makes us feel really, really good. So here’s to the Wonder of Love and why we all should get ourselves a piece of it every moment we can, not only because it feels good but - surprise, surprise - it’s really good for us too and here’s why..

•    When there are others around and we get to interact and just ‘be’ together, depression and anxiety often take a back seat because there is another’s energy to enjoy.

•    We stop taking shit we shouldn’t.  When we’re alone and feeling crappy we can sometimes overindulge - food, alcohol, chocolate, drugs - choose your poison. Oh, how that can change when we’re with others who are feeling positive and happy. We don’t work well alone so get amongst your loved ones and then indulge. Just because it feels good.

•     The wonder of love can lower our blood pressure, knock our stress to its knees and give relief when we need it most. Incredibly, it makes us calmer and excited all at the same time and fills us with a sense of wonder and discovery.

•    Love and happiness breeds more of the same, so really it’s a must that we pursue it. Give it. Accept it. Share it. Spread it. Feel it.

Oh, and the greatest part of the Wonder of Love? It is totally free x

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