The World is a WONDER


I have had such a fantastic time bringing this issue together. From the moment we decided on Wonder I was mad with finding things that intrigued me and in turn, hopefully you.

What I found has been incredible. The more I explore, the more I find challenges for the world and what’s happening to our planet. I’d rather though, concentrate on the solutions being created by incredible minds, than the problems themselves. The problems exist and we all know that, so why labour the point. I find it so much more fascinating to introduce those you may not have heard of - the ones seeing the problems and then coming up with ingenious ways to fix them. They are the ones I want to champion. They are the ones, in my mind, we should be supporting and celebrating.


So in this issue you’ll meet people turning the textile industry on its head and a company joining forces with a non-profit to build homes within 24 hours. Fashion labels from Ghana, New Zealand and France, and a company dedicated to eco friendly and toxic free products for our homes. An incredible museum helping to save the reefs and how the wonder of love keeps us happy and healthy.

Mouthful Magazine is a global publication - being digital we can go anywhere at anytime - and often our businesses and stories originate from non-English speaking regions, so we print the article in both English and the mother tongue. This month if you can read French and/or Spanish, you are in luck.

Everyday I am surprised and humbled by the feedback we receive about Mouthful. This is only our fifth issue and there is so much more to discover, so many stories to tell. Thank you for coming on this ride with us. Our team is growing and so too is our reach and for that I am so happy and excited. Here’s to another month of time spent reading about intriguing people and places, finding great ethical businesses and spending time in the kitchen creating beautiful food.

Christina x

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