The Wonder Issue is here


to the curious mind and the purpose driven soul

When we decided to dedicate our latest issue to all things wonderful we went in search of things and people who are basically, wonders. What we found has been completely eye-opening.

Our mantra of "be curious, do good" means we go in search of ways in which people are doing this to better our world. There are so many of them, all doing something, to do good.

From finding ways to make fabrics from food waste, which alleviates pollution and provides work for farmers and manufacturers, to a tech company printing 3D houses in 24 hours and partnering with a non-profit to provide affordable housing in El Salvador, people's ingenuity and desire to help the planet, literally blows our minds.

We're shining a beautiful brilliant light on our newest member of the Kindred Spirits family - Life Interwoven - this incredible organisation joins our growing list of kindred spirits. You can find all of them on our website here

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