The Rebel that is Lisa Meader


We met early one morning in a café. We were sharing a table and I noticed her tattoo. I commented on how much I liked it and we got talking about ‘stuff’. How many times has this happened to you? You strike up a conversation with a stranger, talk about the weather and maybe even what you’re doing, and that’s it. You never see that person again.

I am totally blessed that this is not what happened when I met Lisa. We basically fell into a heartfelt discussion about life, children, health, love - all in the space of 5 minutes. Then, after 20 minutes we had made friends and Lisa agreed to write for my new magazine. This one.

Every month she has brought her life to the pages of this magazine, from dating in the 21st Century to the love she has for her sister, from the process and artistry of being brave to juggling the madness of being a single mother. Each month Lisa bares all.

She is brave, funny, observant, loving, and brazenly open.

“Can you imagine being single after 12 years? And at the age of 35? With two kids? I can, because it happened to me exactly one year ago. It’s a whole new colourful world of madness. Once you get over the novelty of being able to touch someone new and shiny you realise two important things. A. It’s a fucking circus and B. It’s a fucking circus.”

“Everyday words pour manically into my brain. They don’t flutter in and out, they flood me violently till I am unsure what to do with them.”

“That’s what this sister bond is, us desperately wanting each other to be madly happy. I have often felt a deep sense of sadness for women who don’t have sisters. Who are their confidants. Do they find these bonds in friendships? Somehow, I just can’t help thinking that nothing surpasses a bond built on blood, history, heartache, trauma, joy and love. And of that we have experienced all. I love my sister heart in all her wild divinity.”

“Mother guilt is a thing. A big fucking thing. It’s consuming and pointless and we all need to simultaneously flip it the bird. Guilt, in general, is such a wasted emotion. It gnaws on our souls till we are quivering anxiety-ridden shadows, then forces stupid justifications out of our mouths for situations that just don’t need justifying.”

This month Lisa couldn’t get ‘rebellious’ enough to drop every important thing in her life - children, work, studying full time - to write here, so it has given me the chance to write about her instead.

Lisa is an incredible force of love, bliss and passion. Not only I, but every person who reads this magazine is blessed. She tells it as it is, in a way we can all relate to. Thank you for falling into our arms Lisa you crazy loving rebel. We love you.

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