The List - What Deaf People want you to Know


As part of our Voice issue we met with Tabatha McCurdie a profoundly deaf woman who shared with us just what it's like to live in a hearing world. Her interview is a great story about her childhood - her mum didn't realise she was deaf until Tabatha was one, how her world opened up to her when she learned Auslan, and the challenges she faces on a daily basis. 

Our conversation ended with this question:

What is the one thing you have always wanted to say to a hearing person?

She definitely had more than one thing to say, so here is the list of what deaf people want you to know with a little help from Tabatha's deaf friends...

We are not retarded

I tell people that I don’t bite because they get a bit awkward or freak out or freeze!

Watching movies/shows without captions or listening to people without interpreters is like a hearing person watching a Chinese movie or listening to Chinese people. You can hear and see what’s happening but you just don’t understand what’s being said.

Please look at me so I can lip read.

Try talking to me slowly do your best and I will reply easily.

Don’t be afraid and remember to be patient. 

No nasty comments please.

You don’t need to yell at me

We are not aliens

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