Mouthful Magazine & Our Big Fat WHY


Before Mouthful Magazine became a reality, I spent many hours over months and months visualising this dream of mine. I could see it in my mind - how it looked, what sort of stories it contained and the types of people, businesses and organisations I wanted to collaborate with. This month marks the 6th issue which blows my mind. I relish in the idea of what I am doing and who I am doing it with. So many people and businesses have graced the pages, from all over the world - USA, UK, Lithuania, France, Sweden, Germany, India, Ghana, Mexico and New Zealand. It’s so exciting to be part of what others are creating, building, sharing and giving. If Mouthful Magazine can help to spread their word of doing good in the world, then I’m one very happy woman.

I am surrounded by amazing - and crazy - women who contribute to the making of the magazine each and every month. To say I feel blessed, is an understatement. They bring their words, ideas, art, healing and creativity to share their knowledge  and talents with you, all the while, supporting me and my vision. This is incredible and so very loving. I hold each one of these  powerhouses close to my heart. Which leads me to something else very close to my heart... 

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The one thing that hurts it more than anything - poverty and hunger. There is enough food in the world to feed each and every one of us, yet millions go to bed starving every night. This is untenable. I wanted to do something about it  so I went looking for an organisation that addressed this in a pro-active way - not just throwing money at the problem, because that never works. After much research and study I came across The Hunger Project and I realised I found ’the one’. So it is with much excitement and happiness to say Mouthful Magazine has partnered with The Hunger Project. With every annual subsciption, we gift $5.00 to the Hunger Project, which means YOU give $5 to The Hunger Project to help improve the lives of others.

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It means as people with loving hearts and giving souls, we get to align with an organisation doing amazing work in the world. It means our money goes towards projects that positively change the lives of others. It means as citizens  of the world we acknowledge the need to help and are actively engaging in it. And doesn’t that feel good.

Every person who subscribes to Mouthful Magazine becomes a member of our growing family and as a family member you get the news on what’s happening in our world and updates as to what we and The Hunger Project are up to.  As part of the family you get invited to get togethers, where hopefully one crazy ‘aunt’ will attend and  you’ll be part of an extended family of like minds and loving hearts. So please support us and what we’re bringing to the world. Let’s play together and help others at the same time. As their lives improve so to will our sense of purpose and that’s a win-win.