Love - The Same Sex Marriage


In 2014 Leah and Tahleah - Tee for short - met on a dating app and hit it off immediately. After a month of chatting they decided it was time to meet, arrived at the café and spent the time speaking about philosophies, beliefs and the best cafés in the city.


A perfect date. Or was it?  After that, nothing happened. Roll forward 2 years later and they re-met, on a different dating app, in a different state. What are the chances! “Don’t worry Leah blew me off again! No seriously she did!” It wasn’t until a few months later that they went on a “friend-date”. It would seem that 3 times really is the charm. “Mardi Gras 2016 was my favourite by far” says Tee. Leah had lost her car along Oxford Street, so after Mardi Gras, they walked around talking for hours looking for the car, “I had offered to pay for a taxi so Tee could get home at a reasonable hour” says Leah. She didn’t take up the offer. Tee was only in Sydney for the weekend, as she is in the Navy and was based in Cairns (Far North Queensland) so Leah spent as much time as she could with her. After that weekend, everything changed. For four months, the longest they spent apart was 3 weeks which meant becoming creative with dates and spending hours upon hours on phone calls. It wasn’t enough, so Leah decided to move to Cairns to spend more time together as a couple in the same state.  It was the best decision to make and their relationship thrived. A relationship based around going with the flow, meant whilst they had ‘fallen’ in love, if it wasn’t meant to be, if there were too many red flags, if it wasn’t going to be straightforward, they were happy to leave it.  Funnily enough everything flowed and fundamental to that was the mutual respect each other had for their views and beliefs.

Their mantra of “Let’s have fun, travel and not be held down by children” went by the wayside pretty rapidly and on July 1st 2016, they casually walked into the Cairns Local Courthouse and entered into a Civil Partnership. They became  as much “married” as they could be in any state or territory in Australia. They may have ‘married’ in July but March 4th is their anniversary, so they decided to throw a big party with just their nearest and dearest. This intimate event - one which they adored creating - was  full of dedication and teamwork and incredibly emotional displays of love, security and gratitude. A weekend of being with their guests surrounded by love. Being ‘married’ is not the same as actually being married, though. They, like thousands of other loving couples had to wait for the country to decide if they could legally wed. The wait was excruciating. Then on January 9th 2018 they were very very lucky to be one of the first same-sex couples to legally marry in Australia! It was such a relief. The couple had worked hard to get to that place where it all made sense, to them and everyone else. As for the “let’s have fun” mantra, that’s basically done. They’re expecting their first baby in April, making this whole journey that much more satisfying and they’re doing it as a married couple in every sense of the word.