Lisa Meader - Wonder Woman


Mother guilt is a thing. A big fucking thing. It’s consuming and pointless and we all need to simultaneously flip it the bird.

Guilt, in general, is such a wasted emotion. It gnaws on our souls till we are quivering anxiety-ridden shadows, then forces stupid justifications out of our mouths for situations that just don’t need justifying. And then it doesn’t even serve to change the situation. So what, you didn’t give your child an organic, spray free strawberry today. He has undies on, and they are the right way around. Fuck…they ‘re even clean… are killing it.

As mothers, we are constantly berating ourselves for the shitty things we think we do, yelling too much, giving our children too much screen time, not giving them enough sustainable, organic produce, not reading to them enough, not teaching them a second language, giving them formula, not creatively answering today’s barrage of interesting questions about dump trucks. We compare ourselves constantly to other mothers. You know what? Sarah whose bilingual children, dressed head to toe in designer kiddie clothes is fighting her own fucking battles and is probably feeling guilty that her kids aren’t ‘free range’ enough. You can only do what is humanly possible of you. Some days your kids will eat a healthy combination of all the required food groups other days they’ll have chips and nuggets for all three meals and not clean their teeth for a week. It’s called balance…. and good for you for teaching it to your children at such an early age. Guilt has no place in the mother realm.

We are modern day Wonder Women and we are all doing extraordinary things. Guilt holds us captive, it stops us from moving on and doing the next remarkable thing we are destined to do because we are too busy dwelling on something that we did that we can’t change. I wrote something recently in the midst of being beaten down by guilt  and I printed it out and put in on my fridge. I think you should too…..