Husna Pasha - Do what you Love


Husna Pasha is a friend of mine, who is doing what she loves and does so through utmost self belief, happiness and an incredible heart. She is the host of The Husna Pasha Show and talks here about her background, her approach to life and why believing in what you love should always come first.

The Husna Pasha Show initially started with the name the Talks Show Series (Empowerment through Entertainment).

Since I was a little girl, I always knew that my joy was being on a stage. I don’t think I thought it was a talk show at that stage but it was definitely with a purpose of entertaining and making people happy. I had dreamed of this since childhood but there was always this knowing in my gut that it didn’t feel like a childhood fantasy and I thought that someway, somehow this would become my reality. It was when I was made redundant after a job I loved, 7 years later, that made me take the step and so I just booked a date to have a show!!

I didn’t know how it was all going to come together but I gave it everything I could with an extremely small budget and no production experience what so ever. I was always inspired by Oprah’s incredible give back, humane approach to humans and I loved Ellen’s craziness and her laughter and dancing, so I put the two together and created my own talk show that incorporated education around all things lifestyle, dance, music and laughter. I had giveaways and audience participation. It was truly magical when I stood on that stage and thought to myself…’OMG, I am actually doing this.’ It was surreal actually, because the first show I ever had, Oprah had come to Australia to tour and so front row tickets were one of my giveaways!! Eventually the show transformed and became The Husna Pasha Show. I am all about unheard stories and empowering people through entertainment.


The mission behind my show is to bridge the gap between humans by creating happier people. I was born in India and raised in Tasmania, so I was subjected to the racial comments and even the typically nasty comments kids make about being ugly or fat. I was never someone capable of being mean to other people because I always felt a nice word would go a long way for another person and I enjoyed putting a smile on someone else’s face. So this came quite naturally to me and I thought, ‘let’s make this a mission of my show.’

I truly believe that happy people make no room for judgment, criticism or anything else negative. The recipe is to inspire others to feel grateful for what they have, inspire them to believe that they have a huge part to play in this world and giving back only comes back tenfold when you do it with a genuine heart. Always want for the same success for others as you would want for yourself.

We always want so much more than we have. If you have straight hair, you wish it was curly and vice versa and if you are white, you are looking to get a tan and when you’re brown, you stay out of the sun to not lose more colour!!! We have preconceived ideas of what we think should make us happy and what society views as a great life, but the recipe is - and as cliché as it is - it all starts from within. Your happiness is everything you want it to look like, you just have to believe it and shut out the noise and know that you are deserving. 

I am a big believer in thoughts becoming our reality and as a little girl, my source was always God, as it is today. I was a little girl that went to bed every night talking to God as though he was my imaginary best friend. I would write my dreams and thoughts in my journal and I would sleep imagining all my dreams becoming my reality. So much to the point that I remember asking God to allow me to marry an Indian Muslim guy, just because he ticked the boxes of what my parents would want. I just forgot to ask for him to be the guy of my dreams or my soulmate. After a long story and some hard lessons, I learnt to really be specific on what I asked for and what I allowed to take over my daily thoughts.  I eventually ended up marrying the absolute love of my life and now have 2 beautiful children. 

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