3D Houses in 24 Hours - Yes, it's a thing


From fabrics made with vegetation to houses being built by a 3D printer, the people inhabiting our world continue to blow my mind. Welcome to ICON, a construction technologies company that has just built the first permitted permanent structure in Austin Texas. It took 48 hours and cost just $10,000US to build. Wow.

ICON provides sustainable solutions to a number of our world’s most pressing issues, including the global pandemic of homelessness; the increasingly inaccessible cost of home ownership in America and abroad; fundamental issues of sustainability, resiliency, and building performance of conventional construction methods. The 350 square foot (approx. 33 square metres)  home is in Austin, Texas.

The home serves as  proof-of-concept and was created in partnership with the non-profit, New Story. New Story’s goal is to print a community of homes in El Salvador in the coming 18 months with each home being around 600-800 square feet (56 - 74 square metres) , printed in less than 24 hours and costing $4,000US per home. This is so exciting and a total game changer for the millions of homeless in the world. Can you imagine your home built in a day?

Piqued your interest in how this is incredible bunch of people are doing this? Grab your copy of the Wonder issue here and find our more.