Playing with Impending Motherhood

I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. What does it feel like to be tipsy after a few wines? Can’t remember. To be able to run? Unsure. To lie on your stomach? Wouldn’t know.

It genuinely feels like years. Alas my due date is fast approaching. 3 and a half weeks to go to be exact. However, if my baby is to be born on its due date it will be in the 5% of babies that are born on the exact date expected.

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Play. When did I last engage in that?

I love the idea of PLAY.

Just the word itself implies fun and, laughing and maybe even a little silliness. Of course it’s not only the act of ‘playing the fool’ but also the ability to play a musical instrument, play sport or just play with life.

Here, this month we explore play and how it happens - or doesn’t - in our every day lives. It seems as we get older our sense of play diminishes and that’s not good.

So here’s to play and the getting of more of it into our lives!

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The Comfort of Impending Motherhood

Having just Googled ‘How many weeks Second Trimester’, it’s clear I’m no expert in the pregnancy department.

Actually coming to think about it, I only know I’m in my Third Trimester because my Baby Centre App congratulated me with a pop up message. This message also wanted to inform me that my baby was now the size of a white cabbage. Not a red cabbage - that was a few weeks prior.

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Impending Motherhood

Picture the scene: Two best friends in a shopping centre toilet on Chapel Street, a couple of cubicles apart, one changing her tampon, and the other holding a pregnancy test in hand, that true to its word on the packet “Gives a clear and accurate result within seconds”. This result was two perfectly formed blue lines. Two.

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The Rebel that is Lisa Meader

We met early one morning in a caf.. We were sharing a table and I noticed her tattoo. I commented on how much I liked it and we got talking about ‘stuff’. How many times has this happened to you? You strike up a conversation with a stranger, talk about the weather and maybe even what you’re doing, and that’s it. You never see that person again. I am totally blessed that this is not what happened when I met Lisa.

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Mouthful Magazine & Our Big Fat WHY

Before Mouthful Magazine became a reality, I spent many hours over months and months visualising this dream of mine. I could see it in my mind - how it looked, what sort of stories it contained and the types of people, businesses and organisations I wanted to collaborate with. This month marks the 6th issue which blows my mind. I relish in the idea of what I am doing and who I am doing it with.

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Lisa Meader - Wonder Woman

Mother guilt is a thing. A big fucking thing. It’s consuming and pointless and we all need to simultaneously flip it the bird.

Guilt, in general, is such a wasted emotion. It gnaws on our souls till we are quivering anxiety-ridden shadows, then forces stupid justifications out of our mouths for situations that just don’t need justifying. And then it doesn’t even serve to change the situation.

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Emirates introduces Plastic Bottle Blankets

Emirates has taken to dealing with plastics, in a new and remarkable fashion. The airline offers economy class passengers a comfortable night's sleep cuddling up to a blanket made entirely of plastic bottles. This is innovation at its finest - taking a product that pollutes the world at a disastrous level and creating something beautiful and environmentally-friendly with it.

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The World is a WONDER

I have had such a fantastic time bringing this issue together. From the moment we decided on Wonder I was mad with finding things that intrigued me and in turn, hopefully you.

What I found has been incredible. The more I explore, the more I find challenges for the world and what’s happening to our planet. I’d rather though, concentrate on the solutions being created by incredible minds, than the problems themselves.

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The Wonder of Love

You know that feeling when love hits you; that warm inner glow, the fluttering in the tummy, the utter joy of being in the presence of the object of your desire. There’s no other feeling like it. We love to connect with others especially when they just ‘get us’ and we want to spend as much time as we can with them. It’s not just a loving romance, it can also be someone who we like hanging out with, our family or even a pet. Love is love and that makes us feel really, really good.

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Purpose 2018


“Purpose 2018 is the place for purpose-driven business. It’s about new economies and next-generation sustainability in companies. It tackles responsible entrepreneurship and human well-being” - the Purpose website

Last month an event was held in Sydney I received a scholarship to attend.  I was told I was going to get a lot out of it.

That was an understatement. After Purpose 2018 nothing will ever be the same.

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From Iran through Syria to Australia - a refugee's story

In 2006 Ahmad Hakim fled Iran into Syria, was interviewed by the UNHCR and Australian Immigration and was accepted as a genuine refugee, as were others who were from the persecuted Arab Ahwaz minority group. He was approved, however heard nothing from
the Australian embassy for at least a year. At that time, John Howard was in power and unfortunately, he wasn’t really sympathising with the refugees.

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