An Invitation - Pay it Forward


We at Mouthfulmag support non-profit organisations we love, in a number of ways. Through Kindred Spirits we share their stories within the pages of the magazine. We link their organisations to ours. We partner with them to help raise funds to allow them to continue the amazing work they do. And now you can too...

We are throwing an amazing event on the Sunshine Coast on Wednesday August 29 called Mouthfulmag Pops Up and this where you come in. When your business purchases a ticket here Mouthfulmag Pops Up with the promotional code KINDRED SPIRITS your tickets are donated to a person touched by poverty, homelessness, domestic violence or disability on the Sunshine Coast who would otherwise be unable to access a show like Mouthfulmag Pops Up. {in a word, you ROCK}
When you become a contributing member of Kindred Spirits follow these simple steps and we will promote you as a supporter of Kindred Spirits, linking your business on:

  • all Mouthful Magazine and Mouthfulmag Pops Up social media platforms;

  • our website & event page {all until Sept 30, 2018}
  • ~ AT THE SHOW ~
  • and in the September issue of Mouthful Magazine. 

So the sooner you purchase, the longer we share your goodwill with others. {Awesome stuff!!}

  1. Purchase a ticket here using promotional code – KINDRED SPIRITS
  3. Email you confirmation of purchase along with your business name, social media links and if possible logo for us to SHARE THE LOVE {WOO HOO!}
  4. FEEL AMAZING for giving access to inspiration, growth, art and enrichment to those less fortunate. {See again, you ROCK!}
  5. Keep you receipt for tax purposes to speak to your accountant at tax time as you are gaining marketing exposure from your act of kindness.

To come along to the show yourself, follow the same link but don’t use the code and choose if you would like your tickets electronically or if you would like to pick them up at the theatre.
DISCLAIMER; please be aware that ALL tickets purchased with the KINDRED SPIRITS code WILL BE DONATED.   If you would also like to attend the show {and we absolutely hope you will} you will need to purchase your ticket separately WITHOUT the code.

Kindred Spirits is an initiative to encourage businesses to give back to the community and those less fortunate and now you are a part of that voice with us and we are so happy to have you.
Thank you x