We all Deserve to have a Voice


Every month I get the opportunity to sum up our latest issue in THE LAST WORD and get to ponder just what the issue was all about. This month we brought you VOICE which encompassed so many things- from singing, to signing, to marching, to creating - all part of this one word and all powerful in their own right. So here's my last word on VOICE.

As I sit here having the last word, with my own voice, with the right to have my say, with the knowledge I have the right to do so - I worry for those who don’t.  We in the first world, have little to worry about in comparison to many, yet I fear we often don’t realise or acknowledge this. Yes, some of us are broke, some of us don’t live in great housing, some of us are struggling, some very sick, but the truth is we are better off than so many other people who are dealing with unimaginable challenges on a daily basis.

As Australia and the world literally ‘reeled’ at the cricket cheating scandal, of which the global press found an inordinate amount time to pore over the details, continuously debating the causes and effects, I am struck but the inability of us to ‘reel’ over the plights of others with as much fervour as a roughed up red cricket ball.

Are we jaded? I don’t think so. I think we see the big picture - which overwhelming - and wonder how we can possibly make a difference. The fact is, we can. We just have break it down and choose to look at a smaller picture and work towards making a difference there.

That’s what we at Mouthful champion. We bring you stories and people that highlight what is happening and from there you get to make a decision. Shop consciously, grow your own edible garden, buy locally and look after each other. Invest in the things that mean something to you. One step at a time.

It’s a start and we have to start somewhere.