Small Business vs Social Media - and the Winner is?


This week the power of social media landed ungraciously at the feet of a small business owner who did something thousands of business owners do – run a competition. The person who won the competition was ecstatic to receive her prize until her mother found it.

Sadly the business felt the full brunt of the mother’s distaste through a stinging blog post on a website. The barrage of comments came thick and fast, the story being picked up by a news website, becoming the number one most read story as of 10am Saturday 17 March.

And the consequences of all this? The business in question has closed all social media accounts and taken the business website offline. In one fell swoop a person’s entrepreneurial spirit and hard work done. Just. Like. That.

How can one post from a disgruntled person ruin another’s reputation and livelihood? Did the writer of the post consider this before she let loose with her diatribe? Did she fully understand the consequences of her action?

I don’t know this woman, so am unable to help you there. What I do know is that a small business owner working to gain supporters and customers did what so many of us do and created an irresistible offer by giving away one of her products. That product cost money to create and the accompanying competition probably cost money to run. This is what you do when you own a small business – you offer things to your audience, your demographic and in return you receive some virtual love.

Sadly this business owner received the opposite.

So, to this distressed and hurting owner, please do not allow one person to defame what it is you do and love. A great deal of the comments support you and your business and that’s what you need to focus on right now.

Take the anger directed at you and turn it into strength. Get your website back online, update your social media status with a gracious message and continue to do what you do – sell products you love and believe in. I promise you will be incredibly surprised by the outpouring of support and virtual love.

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash