Same Sex Marriage - a couple of Facts


Australia passed the Same Sex Marriage Bill on 9 December 2017, giving same sex couples the same right as heterosexual couples, to marry the person they love. 


We Australians think ourselves as pretty progressive  and in tune with global movements, so you could be surprised to find that we are 26th on the list of countries who have legalised same sex marriage. No, not even in the top 10, but 26th, behind South Africa, Portugal and even the United States. The Netherlands was the first country in 2001 and it has taken Australia 16 years to come to the conclusion that every person should have the same rights when it comes to love.
For. God’s. Sake.

Thousands of same-sex couples living in Australia who were married overseas instantly had their unions recognised under the law. But same-sex weddings in Australia couldn’t happen until January because couples still had to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage, which must be completed a month before the wedding. So here’s to the Australian public who had the sense to allow love win. Love knows no race, religion, gender. It’s just love. Something to ponder: To all the heterosexuals among us, imagine having to rely on someone else’s belief system to decree if your love is ‘allowed’ and your way of living your life is as worthy as theirs... To all my same sex coupled friends, I can’t wait to be invited to your weddings and can I please be a bridesmaid at least once?!