Small Business vs Social Media - the Saga continues


This morning Mouthful Magazine reached out to Collective Shout for a comment on the furore surrounding the article they published last week about Makana Swim. I was directed to a post they had just published. After reading it I felt compelled to respond.

Makana Swim apologises to teen girl after Collective Shout exposes company's questionable claims  - the title of the latest post from Collective Shout

Really? Should we now be apportioning blame or should we be examining how one angry post can cause such havoc and try to find a solution. Collective Shout’s response to the situation, we believe is unwarranted. The organisation has taken it upon themselves to proclaim they have ‘exposed’ the “company’s questionable claims”.

For goodness sake.

In the article published this morning Collective Shout (CS) included a photo of a post from a closed Facebook group, which by definition is not for public scrutiny, and as an organisation CS is not a member of. One wonders who alerted them to it. The post in question is from the management of the business clearly distressed and reaching out for guidance. What did Collective Shout hope to gain by publishing the post?

A little more on Collective Shout’s take on this:

“All because a business didn’t want to cop to making a mistake and instead decided to go with a cover up and portray themselves as the victim.”

The article continues

“On top of being the most bizarre behaviour Collective Shout has observed for some time, what is also striking is how unnecessary this all is. How different it could have been if they had posted a statement with something like “thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. We apologise to the mother for this mistake. This was a serious oversight on our part and because of this we are now taking measures to prevent a similar situation occurring again.”

Yes, Collective Shout it was totally unnecessary. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes in dealing with those mistakes go into damage control without considered thought. This is a small business trying to salvage its name and your articles does little to help the situation.  Being ‘right’ does not necessarily make you look better or smarter it only makes you look smug.

“We can only hope that if the owner/s do decide to re-establish, that they commit to doing better in future, not only in relation to how they manage ethical age restrictions, but also in how feedback or complaints are managed.” – Collective Shout

Sensationalising the story as has occurred here, only makes for more hurt and upset for all involved – the family and the business. No-one wins in this story. The mother is angry, the daughter affected, the business in free fall and Collective Shout dealing with the fallout.

I hope calmness will prevail - the business can bounce back from this and the family feel better. Let’s bring some love to the situation and hope the parties involved can find a way to show each other some kindness and understanding.

Maybe a little bit of thought before hitting the 'send' button might also be needed...

Please read today's article from Collective Shout here