On being Played


Mouthful Magazine is about people doing good in the world, but sometimes we have to write something a little less positive, something that needs to be written, something that’s just a little close to home. Something that should not happen, ever.

And it makes me angry...

The other day I sat next to a woman who was working on her laptop and sipping on a coffee. We got to talking -talking about so many things from work, philanthropy, helping others to happiness, single motherhood and finding a loving partner. We both agreed that the whole ‘loving partner’ gig was really awful and how much we hated the whole online dating scene.

She then turned to me and said that even face-to-face dating was also really weird and went on with a story. A story about being played. A story about a guy she dated who was dating four other women while she was with him, and was also married. WTF!

As I sat there listening to this incredible tale, she detailed what happened and how she and the other women had connected and become friends over the whole saga. They were so incensed by what they’d experienced, they had reported it to the police in the hopes that other women would be saved from this weirdo.

On behalf of these women, looking for their loving partner, I felt very, very angry. I too am a single woman attempting to find my ‘one’ and this story made me realise just how hard it is to trust and love even when we’re totally ready for it. I offered to write a story about what had happened and she said she and her new friends would love that – expose the bastard – it’s what he deserves. I then asked her what his name was.

She uttered his name. I just stared. As the words fell from her mouth I just stared, incredulous.

You know the rest of the story – sadly yet another woman has been played.