A Charmed Life


If you’re reading this post, chances are you are doing it on your laptop, tablet or smart phone, all of which you can happily afford.

For many of us across the world, that isn’t the case. In Australia alone, 600,00 children go hungry every day. What does that say about the ‘lucky’ country?

When I started Mouthful - yes I know, a mere month ago - I had no idea it was going to become a platform for those doing good in the world and to those whose lives are dedicated to doing just that. It now seems obvious and just that the magazine should do this. 

Welcome to Kindred Spirits, the initiative to partner and support not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises in spreading the word and helping to raise funds for the work they do.

Each month you will find this month’s organisation and a directory with links so that you can find out more and support them in your own way. This is another way for us to do good and look after those less fortunate.

....and this months organisation? The Freedom Hub

Read the magazine and be inspired.