Fail Fast. Learn. Try Again


At the end of August Mouthful Magazine took a sabbatical. Actually it was more of a full stop. While I loved the magazine – the look, what it stood for, the beautiful stories about incredible people and businesses – nobody read it.


In the past few months I’ve sat and thought about why. Why at a time when the world is looking for inspirational stories and feel good ideas, did a publication dedicated to just that, fail to move others? Did I not package it right? Are people overloaded with the ‘feel good’ factor? Do people actually care?

I’ve come to the conclusion, that yes people do care and that feel good stories are well and good, but don’t necessarily inspire others to take action. So what to do? How can I continue to follow my dream of writing about and showcasing those doing amazing things in the world, and inspire people at the same time?

Counter-intuitively I decided to change tack. Instead of appealing to those who want to help but may not have the resources to do so, Mouthful Magazine is going pure luxe - pure luxe with soul.  Now our stories and advertising will be all about having and doing what you desire while helping at the same time.

Luxury resorts and hotels, lifestyle, travel and food, with an eco, sustainable twist. We all want to a little luxury in life so why not have it and love the earth while we’re at it.


Every article on business tells it like this - fail fast - and that’s exactly what happened with my first try.  Not settling with failure as my mantra, I’m bringing Mouthful back. This time I’m going bigger, brighter and luxe - pure-luxe with soul.

Let’s see how this one pans out. Who’s with me?