Ethical Luxury - Meet Black Moon


As we talk all things ethical and explore new ways  of creating fabrics that have little impact on the planet, products made with cattle leather are still part of the landscape. There are, of course businesses maintaining the process of creating luxury goods from leather and one such business  is BLACK MOON.

“While your ABOUT and ETHICAL pages talk about buying consciously and where your hides come from, as a consumer I would like to know about the cows themselves. Were they grown just for their hides, were they grown for the their meat and then the hides taken to be used for leather goods, what were their  living conditions like and if the hides weren’t used for creating luxury goods, what would happen to them?”

This is what Amy wants to share with you...
The New Zealand Anzco Cows are reared in some of the worlds best conditions: 

•    We have tough regulations around animal welfare / animal rights

•    Our free range cows graze on lush green pastures

•    The industry is closely monitored with high welfare standards.


On paper this sounds like these statements would be standard world wide - but in fact we are the minority.  New Zealand farmers are known for their love and respect of cows and having grown up in Taranaki  - a dairy region, I know first hand that our animals lead a good life. BLACK MOON’s leather hide is a by-product of NZ’s meat industry.  When the cows are sold for their meat the hide is then brought by the tannery as a  by-product and processed.  Our hides are dictated by the meat industry demands not the other way around. The tanning process also is conscious of the environmental and social impact it has, the tannery holds Telarc’s ISO quality certification and is committed to providing a safe working environment for its staff. Wastewater produced during leather manufacture is treated in an environmentally responsible manner at the tannery’s own onsite treatment facility When it reaches the time for the cow to be sold, the farmer gets paid per kg of the animal.  The hide is purely a by-product and the farmer  does not benefit.  The meat processing company then sells the hide to our tannery where it gets processed. 

I am a vegetarian but the biggest reason I still choose quality leather is that good leather can last a lifetime as opposed to synthetic products which eventually end up as landfill - forever.
— Amy Gould, Owner Black Moon