Tackling Human Trafficking in Australia



The seeds were sown on a dark street in Berlin, Germany where I spent three years supporting women who had been trafficked across the eastern borders for sex. Faces, smells, stories I can never forget. Naively I thought we were immune to this horrid crime in Australia. The reality is, that slavery happens here and the rage that built up inside me, motivated me to do something about it. 
On returning to Australia in 2012, I worked as the volunteer coordinator in the only safe house specifically for trafficked women in NSW, managed by The Salvation Army. With more and more victims being found, there was a huge need for more training to help the survivors find employment and rebuild their lives. To continue this training we needed to move into a larger premises, allowing the safe house to remain a secret & safe residential place.

The Freedom Hub is the result of this need - a new charity set up specifically to rebuild the lives of survivors and provide a much needed service for each and every one of them. We are the only organisation set up to provide one to one, life coaching and training in Australia. The Freedom Hub is a charity that equips survivors to live in freedom and we welcome volunteers, fundraising and events to help this cause succeed. We also run a social enterprise cafe that provides an opportunity for every Australian to choose ethically sourced products with no slavery in the supply chain while making a difference in the lives of others. 100% of profits of the café support the Survivor School.


Slavery happens in Australia! Survivors of modern slavery want to rebuild their lives, but to succeed they have cultural, social and language barriers to overcome. They can also have emotional insecurities, trauma symptoms and trust issues to deal with. They have no family and very few friends, if any, to support them, so they often feel isolated and alone. Most current systems to integrate them back to a healthy lifestyle and independent living are not working. 



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It’s a place where survivors can be trained, encouraged and prepared for the workforce. A place where, through one-to-one mentoring, they learn faster, they feel valued, and trust is established. Hope, confidence and self worth are restored.
The Freedom Hub School trains and equips victims of modern slavery to rebuild their lives, regain confidence and be reemployed in freedom.