Love Commandos


What if love isn’t what it’s all about? What if being in love with someone is dangerous and seen as wrong in the eyes of family and society? In India this a reality for many.


“Love Commandos is a voluntary organization in India dedicated to helping India’s lovebirds who want to marry for love. We provide assistance in protecting couples, helping them fight harassment and giving them shelter so they can marry freely”.

- taken from the organisation’s website

In a world where Australia has only just given same sex couples the freedom to marry, there are countries, like India, that demand their children marry within their caste and definitely within their religion. But, love’s not like that. Pure love is found between human beings regardless of sex, race, religion, caste. Let’s face it - love is love, except when it’s not...

For most of us, it’s difficult to fathom parents threatening to commit suicide should their daughter marry the boy she loves, and not the boy chosen for her by them. We’re are living in the 21st century, this can’t possibly still be happening, can it?

A quick read on the Love Commando’s Facebook page and website, reveals that sadly, yes this is still happening.