Kindred Spirits


When the idea of Mouthful Magazine was forming in my mind I knew I wanted it to be something different to what I was seeing. I wanted it to be a platform for the things I love and for others to share their stories and present ideas and other ways of thinking.

I wanted to gather businesses and organisations together to support each other and to grow. There are so many of us creating incredible products, services and offering love and assistance to those in need and I wanted Mouthful to be a place to showcase these.

From this little germ of an idea, the 'no pay for inclusion' was born and now the Kindred Spirits Initiative has taken flight.

Kindred Spirits.jpg

As the poster suggests, Mouthful Magazine is dedicated to partnering with non-profit organisations to help shine a light on what they do and how they help others. 

By spreading the word and offering another platform for their causes, we hope to create a swell of support for them and the people they serve. We do this with love and happiness.

As Mouthful grows, so too will the organisations we support. Each month we present an organisation, tell their story and let you know how you can help. I am really excited by this and I hope you are too. Grab a copy of mouthfulmag and get informed, entertained and inspired.