ConflictFood - Food with Purpose

Food and conflicts, how does that fit together? Actually very well!

Conflictfood engages in fair and direct trade with small-scale farmers in conflict regions. So that local structures can be strengthened and long-term partnerships are established. Conflictfood tackles poverty and causes of migration at the root by opening up new markets to the farmers.

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Kindred Spirits - Life Interwoven

Before migrating to Australia, Suwanna Hardwick, a Thai native, worked with refugees living on the border of Thailand and Myanmar. In the 1980s large numbers of people arrived in Thailand, fleeing the civil conflict between ethnic groups and the military government in Burma. Being stateless, these  people had little access to support systems,  including healthcare and education. Suwanna worked tirelessly for over ten years in homes for  disadvantaged children, helping in any way she could.

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Kindred Spirits - Ozharvest - Sunshine Coast

I met Michele Lipner the incredible force behind Ozharvest Sunshine Coast, one sunny morning for coffee. This is a woman with drive and passion, who is on a mission to help as many people as she can. The story of Ozharvest and in particular this program on the coast, is one of facing the facts head on and finding a solution to two problems in one fell swoop - food waste and hunger. Please read and be inspired... 

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Tackling Human Trafficking in Australia

The seeds were sown on a dark street in Berlin, Germany where I spent three years supporting women who had been trafficked across the eastern borders for sex. Faces, smells, stories I can never forget. Naively I thought we were immune to this horrid crime in Australia. The reality is, that slavery happens here and the rage that built up inside me, motivated me to do something about it. 

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Kindred Spirits

When the idea of Mouthful Magazine was forming in my mind I knew I wanted it to be something different to what I was seeing. I wanted it to be a platform for the things I love and for others to share their stories and present ideas and other ways of thinking.

I wanted to gather businesses and organisations together to support each other and to grow. There are so many of us creating incredible products, services and offering love and assistance to those in need and I wanted Mouthful to be a place to showcase these.

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