Tea for Two and the perfect Cake


My sister Stephanie is just a little quirky. She also loves tea. I’m not sure whether those two things are mutually exclusive but it does makes life, especially in the morning, very interesting.

Tea is the most important morning ritual to her. Firstly it has to be real tea - no unsightly teabag for her, It has to be in a china pot - warmed of course and it has to be left to draw for at least 5 minutes. Then and only then will she pour her brew into a fine china teacup complete with a matching saucer. You can just imagine how hard it is for the rest of us when we’ve got things to do. She will not be moved until she has had her perfect brew. She even takes a china teapot with her when she travels.

I love to drink tea too, but I’m not so pedantic about it - just give me a big mug of piping hot Earl Grey every morning and I’m happy.

The great thing about the marvellous tea leaf is that it can be brewed and drunk anytime of the day, and in the afternoon you really need to have a little sweet something to eat with it. So here is a recipe for the most gorgeous cupcakes to be eaten with a couple of friends and a lovely cuppa. Magdalenas are perfect sweet little cakes from Spain. Traditionally they were eaten for breakfast with coffee, but can be really enjoyed anytime.  In France they’re called Madelaines. Having them with tea is absolutely fine and as they are so easy to make, everyone will love them and will want them again and again.


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