Playing with your food vs Experimenting with it

“Stop playing with your food”


How often did we hear that when we were kids. Playing with your food may not be a good thing, but experimenting most definitely is. I love to try new things or adapt recipes to suit my own tastebuds, which means experimenting. The more you experiment with flavours the more adept you will become at knowing what goes well together. Even the recipes I  share here should be played with. You may not be big on chilli or you may love fresh basil more than life itself, so add, subtract*, mix it up and find what’s right for you.

*I have learnt one thing about experimenting with the whole adding/subtracting action - you can always add something to tweak a dish but you can’t always get it out once it’s in. The moral to this story?Add a little at a time and always taste as you go. If you do this, you will hit the right balance and have the perfect meal to make your stomach sing and put  that satisfied smile on your lips.

Herbs and spices rock my world. From cumin and fennel seeds to greek oregano and basil I can’t live without them. There’s nothing better than playing with these babies. Trust your sense of smell. If your roasting some pork for instance and want to add a spice, think of the dish and pick up some spices and smell. When you come across a smell that relates to what you want to cook. Go with it. Trust yourself and you will be amazed. Fennel seeds, for instance loves pork. So...

...think of your pork dish pick up some fennel seeds and have a good sniff. I bet it hits home. Just remember add a little at a time to get the balance you want. If you love food and love to play, then just do it. Experiment. Ok, sometimes it’ll be less than perfect but who cares, I guarantee you will eventually create a dish just right for you. a dish that sings to your stomach and puts a satisfied smile on your lips. Isn’t that what its all about?