The Pantry Essentials Guide


I come across so many people who struggle with what to cook and get on the table every night for dinner. There's food in the fridge but their cupboard is bare and inspiration has flown out the window. The trick to getting over this, is to have some staples in your cupboard - some 'go to' ingredients that you can use to whip up something amazing, in to time.

Here’s a guide of what I have in my pantry. For me these are the essentials for being able to cook and create food easily. You too will feel great when you open the cupboard door and see so many options.

 Some of the spices I use for my favourite curry

Some of the spices I use for my favourite curry

Of course you don't have to buy the lot. Choose the things you completely love and then go from there. The best thing is that soon you’ll be cooking up amazing dishes for your friends and family and they’ll be blown away by your knowledge and talent.