Paleo or not to Paleo? That is the Question


I’m fascinated and to be honest horrified by the way diets saturate our everyday lives. We are bombarded by the latest fad, trend and miracle to create a slimmer, healthier and of course happier and more successful us.

Which brings me to this. What if there is one such eating plan that will actually change my life and fashion me into a lighter, bouncier, happier being? Wouldn’t I want it? Wouldn’t I jump on the chance for all that? I wasn’t sure so I decided to check one out. I decided to check out one of the latest healthy eating lifestyle bonanzas - Paleo.

Let’s face it, I’m all about the experience - be it cooking, eating, adventures, language, art - anything that rocks my world is good for me, so the chances of me wanting to deny myself of something I absolutely love, is not going to sit too well here. Even the word diet makes me shiver.

Ok, so here are some Paleo facts:

This diet or way of living is all about eating food the cavemen ate, which basically means any foods that have been processed are out. But that’s not all. It seems that beans, yes both the green and the dried variety, and peas including snowpeas, chickpeas are not allowed either. Wheat, cereals, pasta and rice to some extent - all gone.

The fact that I can’t get into biscuits, pretzels, candy bars, energy or soft drinks and such, doesn’t really bother me but…

…butter, cheese, fresh orange juice, proscuitto, ham, green beans and the odd potato. That will just not do. The mere fact that Paleo won’t let me ingest pasta, rice or even chick peas is enough to make me cry. And please don’t get me started on wine.

I’ve read that if we adhere to this way of eating, we will live longer and healthier lives. But will we be happy?! Not me. Feeling happy is an extremely high priority and creating delicious food makes me happy, so I’m going to keep doing it. The fact that my other priority is being healthy, ensures that what I create is good for me and the ones I love. That also means you. If you are getting into my recipes - and I hope you are - rest assured you’re eating well. I’m not nutritionist or dietician and this is not a detailed scientific analysis of Paleo. It’s a little glimpse into what it entails and whether I want to indulge (or not, as it seems to me). I am someone who adores fresh food, the act of creating and sharing, the celebration of the meal and how it makes me feel. It makes me feel happy.

So, Paleo is not for me.

Actually diets full stop, are not for me either. No, I’m going to go along my merry way with a lovely soft blue cheese on a cracker with a cheeky little riesling to wash it down. Oh, and that’s while I’m deciding on what I’m coming up with for dinner tonight.vMmmmm, how about a proscuitto wrapped quail stuffed with grapes served with crispy green beans, duck fat roasted potatoes and washed down with a lovely full bodied red.

Yep, that makes me very happy.