Permaculture - What is it and How does it Work

by Georgia BROWN


Permaculture is something that can get pretty much anyone excited!

It’s not only about growing abundance in the garden, but is also a framework of design and lifestyle that encourages a wholistic approach to all steps taken in life. I encourage everyone to read up on Permaculture, It has enhanced the way I live and I can confidently say that it has lessened my impact on the planet.

One aspect of Permaculture that I am particularly passionate about is the emphasis on soil health. This has really shaped the way I work in the garden, in that I mainly focus on making sure my soil is well fed and covered, which usually makes for healthy plants that don’t require much attention. Healthy soil is also a cornerstone to capturing carbon and helping to combat Climate Change, which is REALLY exciting. So go and get your hands in the soil! When the weather begins cooling down a bit in the south of the country, it’s a good time to start planting things like sugar snap peas, beans, lettuce, silverbeet, tomatoes, broadbeans, radish and if you want to get an early winter crop, it’s a good time to start raising some brassicas like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale and bok choy. Remember to wait until the rain has eased to plant tomatoes, as they will rot off with wet weather. This is a busy time in the garden, it’s a time of transition and can sometimes mean saying goodbye to a beloved crop, but all to make way for the next bounty. It’s a time to lay down more compost and other soil builders and begin to sow the beginnings of a winter garden. 

As most of us are aware, there is way too much waste in the world. Not only plastic, but food waste.

Instead of being strategically composted, this is thrown into landfill as well. This is responsible for creating massive amounts of methane and like lots of our man made issues, is very avoidable. Although we desperately need action from governments, there is a lot that the individual can do. If you have read the last few issues, I trust that you have started or at least thought about starting a composting system! If you are in the city, contact your local Community Garden and I am sure they would happily take scraps off your hands. However if you have the space, your own home system is even better as it will help with the fertility of your garden. Another great way to use food scraps is to have a few backyard chickens, these ladies will turn your waste into delicious eggs, and they have many other uses in a garden such as scratching/ turning soil and eating unwanted insects. These are just a few ideas to help with the ongoing issue of waste, but there are endless small changes you as an individual can make to better the state of our environment. Interested in getting into permaculture?

Here are 4 publications for you to find out more...


If you’re looking for something online that you can go back to again and again, then Pip Magazine is for you. You can subscribe to the magazine and also get a heap of information from the website. There’s a blog, podcasts, shop - everything you need to get your permaculture life happening. You could get lost in the website for ours; I know I did. You can also buy these books and plenty of others, on the site.