#GetRooted - Grass Roots Boutique


Natalie Lucken is as amazing AF.

This savvy young businesswoman has started a movement - a movement with one simple hashtag - #GetRooted

I love a play on words especially when it's clever and this definitely is one of those. #GetRooted is about sustainability, ethics, community and care. It's about looking after each other and making sure what we buy, what we wear and what we support is considered and ethically based.

#GetRooted in our communities.
#GetRooted in our passion for fashion.
#GetRooted in our support of ethical labels.

Grass Roots Boutique is where it begins. Fashion by labels curated by Natalie, all of whom belong to the swell of businesses working with purpose, are sold online and in pop-up events. It's here that you see #GetRooted in practice. They're not just words. This is real and alive and working to impact change at a grass roots level within the fashion industry. Australian owned collections. Ethically manufactured around the globe. Fresh AF Fashion.

We're so happy to partner with Natalie and Grass Roots Boutique to share with you the heart of the #GetRooted movement. Each month Natalie shares something new and something real to get you thinking about how you too can #GetRooted. We can all make changes when we decide it's important. This is something we at Mouthful support 100%.

Now that's the type of #GetRooted I like.