It all begins with Love


I have worked for a number of non-profit organisations over the years. From running programmes for disengaged youths, to setting up school holiday events, from running kitchens and feeding the homeless to being state manager of a national organisation. From all of this, I have come to realise a social conscience is what I’ve got and I don’t mind one bit.

Now I own a magazine and have the opportunity to use it as a platform to help. Help other small businesses to grow and succeed and help organisations doing good in the world to spread their word. It’s so exciting to be able to do this and I love meeting new people and discovering not only what organisations are doing, but more importantly why they exist. The ‘why’ is always the poignant part. The part where the passion and intent overflows and vision is front and centre.

The Kindred Spirits Initiative was borne from the desire to highlight the good being done in the world. We are bombarded with anger, pain, injustice and fear on a daily basis. We can’t look away or filter it. It somehow insidiously impinges on our lives and pushes its way in uninvited.

So, to give some relief from this shit, I decided Mouthfulmag would be that filter. Yes, there’s hell going on, but we’re not buying into it. Rather, we concentrate on the amazing, the intriguing, the loving. Kindred Spirits is a huge part of that. We’re supporting non-profit organisations we love, in a number of ways. Through Kindred Spirits we share their stories within the pages of the magazine. We link their organisations to ours. We partner with them to help raise funds to allow them to continue the amazing work they do.

The organisations in the directory are helped in-kind, but we wanted to go a step further. We wanted to align our brand, our business to a group doing amazing work across the globe.

Enter The Hunger Project - THP. It’s not lost on me that ‘hunger’ and ‘mouthful’ are  a pretty fine match, but that’s not why we decided on THP. After a lot of research and many conversations the decision was made because of the programmes they run and the work they do. Our support? We pledge at least $5 of every annual family membership  to THP.

The button below will take you to the Hunger Project page on our website. There you can read up on the work they do and more. Let's help those who are helping others. It's important work and it all begins with love.