Be That Man


Over the past few months as the fallout continues from the #metoo campaign I have been thinking about how men, who are not caught up in this maelstrom, must be feeling. While it's right and just that we women stand up for ourselves and support each other in fighting against abuse, I wonder how we can actually stop it from happening in the first place.

Yesterday I was invited to an event called Be That Woman - an event filled with love, gratitude, positive energy and support. I sat and thought what about Be That Man. What if we spent some time, love, gratitude, positive energy and support helping to shape the men of the future. By spending time and guiding our boys and teens, we can do much in shaping them into strong, emotionally stable, happy and proud men; the kind of men we would like to know.

I watch with horror as yet another woman speaks out. I am part of the #metoo movement as I went through almost a decade of abuse. I now look at that relationship and know from the bottom of my heart, that had My Man been guided as a youth or gotten the help he needed, he would not have abused me. He did so, not because he hated me, but because he hates himself - he just doesn't know it. He doesn't know it because he's not aware. He's not in touch with himself, not an emotionally stable, happy or proud man. I don't condone what he did for one minute, but part of my healing was to consider why he would do such a thing to another human being that he purported to love and this is what I've come up with.

So to every strong, able, incredible, inspirational and amazing person - woman or man - out there, let's find a way to guide our boys so that they can Be That Man.

Mouthful Magazine will be the platform as part of our Kindred Spirits Initiative, so if you know of organisations who are working towards this or you want to create an event to help the Be That Man movement please get in touch.

Who knows where this will take us, let's do it anyway...