Art Journaling - out of your head and onto Paper


I love art journaling. I love the process and love what comes from my mind and onto the page. Over the years I was advised by many mental health practitioners to keep a journal, some way to get my thoughts and feelings out of my head and onto paper. I would give it a go and purchase a beautiful and quite expensive journal to pour out my deepest thoughts. I would then sit there and stare at the blank page for what seemed like hours and then would start to write some words telling my story, sort of. I am very easily distracted and my mind would drift off and I would start a shopping list or a to do list I would get up and find other things to do. I asked myself why couldn’t I concentrate and be in the moment of writing.


Visual journaling (art journaling) is used in a variety of ways, including reducing stress nurturing the right part of your brain, giving you the space to breathe. Many find comfort in art journaling at times of trauma and loss, I know that I discovered Art Journaling during a time of personal crisis. This form of journaling has helped me find my space, space to be creative, space to find my quiet place, space to find peace to breathe and to just be.

Stephanie Brown offers classes in Art Journaling. Find out about that and much more in the latest issue of Mouthfulmag