Kay Brown - the Consummate Performer


This incredibly gifted person is my mother. Her voice is deep, rich and pure. Her heart equally so. Not only are we blessed to call her ours, we know she belongs to everyone she meets. She is universally loved, and rightly so. She had to be on the cover of Voice because she deserves to be. She is after all incomparable - oh, and my mum.

I could wax lyrical about her uproarious laughter, her loving generosity or her tolerance and acceptance, but this story is about my mother’s incredible talent - her voice.

She has no training, can’t read music and has no idea what key she sings in, but none of that matters when she opens her mouth. The rich timbre of her tone and her impeccable timing is as unique as her clean and unwavering delivery.

God, she’s good.

You may be reading this thinking I’m just another kid loving up my mum, so here’s a little something for you to listen to, then you can decide for yourself.